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Containment Technology 

Comecer have been producing technology for the nuclear industry since the mid 1970’s and have now added production of Isolation Technology systems to their portfolio designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of extreme contamination inside a protected environment. 
Comecer specialises in the customised production of isolators and instruments which allow for the highest level of separation and protection during the treatment of toxic and dangerous substances (non-radioactive) for use in pharmaceutical, chemical and food-processing industries. 
The most innovative products/services that are available are; 
BABY PHIL – All in one fill and finish line, quick to install with a plug and play design with the best integration. 
SPEEDY GLOVE – Performs leak tests on gloves installed on isolators or RABS where strict separation between the isolated areas and external environment is required. 
MSTI – (Modular Sterility Testing Isolator) is a machine for Lab professionals who require aseptic conditions for sterility testing. 
These products, along with others from the Comecer range, are GMP and Medical Device validated and certified as required. 
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